In Memoriam. Guntis Gulbis (1968.04.09. – 2019.10.04)

A sad, mind-boggling message - Guntis Gulbis, a great Man gone forever. Outstanding Agronomist, specialist, plant protection Consultant with Certificate # 1, Wonderful Colleague, Friend and Family Person. One of the founders of the Integretas Audzesanas Skola, the school's Director and partner in the Augu Aizsardzības Serviss. Agronomist and peasant teacher for over 25 years. Discovered and authored many plant protection problems in Latvia and the world. Agrimatco Latvia Foundation layer. An inspirational partner for many agricultural and forestry organizations, businesses and farms. The beloved and respected Gulbitis, also popularly known as Professor Gulbis. A Man with a huge heart, an agronomist to the last atom, a man of outstanding humor and kindness, and an immeasurable skill to share it all, selfless, cheerful and passionate, an inspirer, a traveler, a skier and a rider… he had more hours a day and a year more a day to do what you have done. He knew how to make relationships with everyone so that they would feel special. And give your wisdom so that the other never fooled you, though with Guntis in the erudition no people could contemplate. Thank you! We miss you and miss you, but your ideas will live in us, in farms, will be sown, grow and spread forever…
"Outstanding Man,Outstanding Agronomist,Outstanding Biologist.This is a Huge Loss" /breeder Dr.Aldonis Vēriņš,90 years/
"Two weeks at Gunti's practice give me more than 3 years at the University of Agriculture" /new agronomist, Mikelis /
"In our meetings, Guntis was always optimistic, with 100% attention and interest in the conversation, always with more or less humor in the subtext, for the last few years, the feeling that I met and talked to an old friend, even though we weren't, and above all my memories ... hard o believe, I know there are no words that can help.. "/Martin, 800 ha farm owner/